Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Job Hunt- Week 1

Hello there pups and puppets,
Thanks for checking in as I document my travels throughout the working world!
How this works is that I put 7 items, each relating to a different job, into a bag and each week I reach in pull out an item and see what job I’ll be doing this week.
Here goes week one…
                                      Item: Military Dog Tags.
If you haven’t guessed it, I’m a Soldier for the week! I was quickly shipped off to Boot Camp (a camp where I learn how to be a soldier) and an hour later I was an official Bomb sniffing dog!  
Evan and I graduating from Boot Camp!

It’s a real important job! I get to walk with all the people soldiers and sniff around to see if I catch any wiff of bomb stuff. If I don’t, then we’re all safe. If I do, then we’re in danger! I bark and alert the people soldier about the bomb, they find and deactivate it, and then we’re safe again. It seems easy enough but in foreign countries there are tons of new smells to sift through. But my squad leader says I’m doing a good job.

While I was there I even got a chance to help out the locals! It was pretty cool! 
Josh Tweet and I helping out the Locals

It’s a pretty important job that I get to do and it’s been an honor to work alongside some of the best soldiers who are out protecting our country.
I never knew how much work it was to be a soldier, and how brave you had to be to do this job! It really does take an extra special person to do it!
Special thanks to my old friends who helped me get started in this job.
Josh and Brittany and me before Boot Camp!

And Extra Special thanks to the friends I made along the way who kept me safe!
Logan Foster watiching out for me!
I think now is a good spot to start wrapping this blog entry up. I’m getting weepy eyes thinking of all the awesome friends who are risking their lives to keep me and my friends and family safe.
Josh and I keeping watch.
I think I’ll just conclude with this picture…Love you Brothers!

Howls From the Hound

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